The Community

At The Happy Clothing Company, we want to build more than a clothing brand… We want to build a movement...

A movement dedicated to the pursuit and spreading of happiness, with a commitment to live with a strong connection to the great outdoors. This movement is reliant on our community of Happy Seekers (people have committed to seek out happiness). The bigger the community, the stronger the movement, the more connected we become with nature, the more happiness that gets spread. Join the movement. Join The Happy Clothing Company.

For those of you Happy Seekers that are looking to go above and beyond, check out our Happy Tribe. The Happy Tribe is an inspired group of Happy Seekers who have taken on the commitment to not only join our community, but to become Ambassadors of our brand, spreading happiness and our message wherever they go! To Learn more about what it means to be a Brand Ambassador for The Happy Clothing Company, and to see how it can be a great opportunity for you, visit our Tribe Member page.