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    Introducing The Happy Clothing Company®, a Happy Brand with a Passion for the Outdoors.


    Rooted in the Mountains of Montana, The Happy Clothing Company® is a fast-growing young brand, with a strong love of the outdoors, from Oceanside To Mountaintop.

    Everything we do at The Happy Clothing Company®, from the products we offer, to the designs on those products, is deeply Inspired By Nature.

    Above all, the team at The Happy Clothing Company® is driven to use our passion for the outdoors to Make A Difference in the world.

    How It Started

    Over the years, and prior to the founding of this brand, we noticed a HUGE “community” of people who happened to share our love and passion for the great outdoors. We also found that this community shared a common focus in life. They all tended to believe strongly in the pursuit of happiness, and more importantly, its connection with nature. Maybe happy people tend to gravitate towards the outdoors (which may be true), but we believe at The Happy Clothing Company®, that the outdoors ACTUALLY helps people “Find Their Happy.” We believe that nature plays a large role in the pursuit itself, with increased interaction with the outdoors resulting in increased happiness.

    When we founded The Happy Clothing Company® in 2017, we aimed to cultivate this community of outdoor enthusiasts and ask them (YOU) to join us in using our shared Passion for the great outdoors, for the common Purpose of making the world a happier place. Because while there is a large community of people pursuing happiness through their passion for the outdoors, there are also a lot of people who are struggling to find happiness in their lives. People who have lost touch with nature, don’t spend any time pursuing their passions, and whether through choice or circumstance, have found themselves struggling to find a good work/life balance…

    …From the messages we promote on social media, to the culture of our company, our goal as a brand is to encourage the “pursuit of happiness” and help cultivate happiness in all areas of life, all over the world.

    The Happy Clothing Company®… Where Passion Meets Purpose™.

    Giving Back

    Every product purchased from The Happy Clothing Company® provides 10 meals to hungry children around the world. Through this giving back, our community can use the thing that brings them so much happiness (the outdoors) and spread that happiness to places all over the world.

     Why Meals?

    You may be asking why we have chosen our “give back” to be meals to hungry children, as opposed to a cause or organization which benefits the environment in some way, like most other outdoor companies. Our answer is simple… because we’re not like most other outdoor companies. While we ARE an outdoor brand, at our core we are a happiness brand, or as we like to say, The Original Happy Brand.

    Through our research we have found that every person has a “hierarchy” of human needs. At the bottom of that hierarchy (the base) are your most basic needs: food, water, shelter. At the top of that hierarchy is the highest goal as a human: happiness. Our goal as a company, is to help children around the world meet their most basic needs by providing meals, so that they can move up their hierarchy, and strive for things like happiness. As this happens the world will become a happier place… One product and 10 meals at a time.

    Making A Difference

    Since The Happy Clothing Company® was founded, YOU, our growing community of Happy Seekers have helped provide thousands of meals to hungry children around the world. Which means that The Happy Clothing Company and our Community of Happy Seekers are truly making the world a happier place, and for that we thank you! Do More. Be Happy.