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  • November 14, 2017 2 min read


    For those of you who have a LOVE for the mountains like we do at The Happy Clothing Company, the famous John Muir quote “the mountains are calling, and I must go” resonates deeply. Because sometimes the draw to the mountains is so strong, that it does feel as though you could almost hear them calling for you. There is something powerful and invigorating about being thousands of feet above sea level, surrounded by peaks of granite and snow. There is something amazing about being higher than everything else for MILES, and yet feeling so small. The mountains can have this unbelievable effect on you.

    When you have a love for the mountains, it’s not really a choice whether to LIVE in them or not… Whether to spend time in them or not. Because if you spend too much time away from them, the calling gets louder. The calling gets more and more persistent… It’s not a choice… As John Muir said, you MUST go. Because that is the only place you feel truly home. The only place you feel truly HAPPY.  From California to Maine, home is where the mountains are. Including the home of The Happy Clothing Company.

    This brand was born in the mountains. Not only its physical location, but the spirit as well. The mountains will always be a part of The Happy Clothing Company. We take inspiration from the mountains, from how we craft our designs, to how we craft our work schedule. Because when The Mountains call, we go.

    Whether your Happy place is found in the mountains, by the ocean, on the river, or in the forest, don’t deprive yourself of nature. ANSWER THE CALL. Return to the wild. Find Your Happy with The Happy Clothing Company.

    For those of you who hear the call like we do, here is the link to our Mountains Are Calling long sleeve 

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